Popular Holiday Season Houseplants

Give Your House a Merry Makeover with Houseplants like Poinsettias, Holly and Orchids

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 11/21/22

The holiday season is all about gathering with family and friends, which often includes making your home as festive as possible to tap into the holiday cheer.

Part of decorating your home for the holiday season is finding the best holiday houseplants to liven up your interior design and welcome guests with the colors of the season. These houseplants are perfect for both decorating your home and to give as gifts.

From lush, red poinsettias to adorn your porch steps, to festive centerpieces to ogle over during delicious meals, the following houseplants will get you in the holiday mood – and some might even bloom again next year.


Holiday tablescape with poinsettias

Poinsettias are the staple of the holiday season. If there was one houseplant to represent holiday houseplants, it would be the poinsettia. Their thick leaves look beautiful potted inside or out, or they can be used as a centerpiece on tables or on fireplaces. While red poinsettias are the most common during this time of year, they also come in white, pink, yellow, and many more colors, or even patterned.


Orchids with black background

Orchids symbolize good health and prosperity, so not only are they great to have at home for a good omen during the holidays but they make excellent host gifts as well. The beauty of orchids are they re-bloom in the winter and early spring each year. Orchids are also easy to maintain, which is helpful during the busy holiday season, only requiring watering once a week.


Pine with candles and festive red ribbon

Christmas trees are made of pines, but pines are an extremely versatile plant during the holiday season. Norfolk Island Pines can be found in festive wreaths, in pots and planters, or scattered across the table with candles and other holiday plants. Pine has a unique smell, and fresh pine can fill your house with holiday cheer.


Rosemary adorned holiday desserts

Rosemary is technically an herb, but it’s a beautiful addition to holiday decorations. Like pine, the smell of rosemary reminds many of the holiday season. It can be used in festive cocktails, for culinary dishes and even as a houseplant. Rosemary needs sun to thrive, so the perfect spot for it would be close to a window that gets plenty of sunlight.

Christmas Cactus

Pink Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti come in red, pink or purple and add a pop of color to your holiday décor. Although in the cactus family, this blooming succulent houseplant has flat green leaves with bright flowers. It’s easy to care for, as long as they’re watered frequently and maintain a cool indoor temperature, without excess sunlight.



With all the red, green, silver, gold and glitter around during the holiday season, Paperwhites provide that regal white look many desire during the winter months. Paperwhites look elegant indoors and don’t need soil to grow. Place your paperwhite in a pot or bowl with rocks, pebbles or any stone and watch it thrive.


Potted holly

Holly is another staple holiday season plant. The name is in many Christmas songs, and its red bulbs are synonymous with the holidays. Holly can be planted, as seen above, or used dispersed on Christmas trees, on fireplace mantels, and on holiday tablescapes.

More Holiday Plant Inspiration

Holiday decor

Plants have been incorporated into holiday decorations for generations and they will continue to spread the holiday cheer for many generations to come. Explore flowers to use for festive holiday centerpieces, best gift ideas for gardeners, and holiday vegetable sides picked right from the garden for more gardening-related holiday blogs.


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