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Join our database of over 1600 gardening suppliers. Big search engines make it difficult to find what you’re looking for, and your business may not be maximizing its potential visibility. Our mission is to cut out the middleman and help connect your business with new customers. That means you can get more eyeballs without the hassle of Search Engine Optimization. Our only requirement is that you are able to ship your products throughout the United States. Fill out our form below with your business’s contact information and select the categories relevant to the products you sell. After a quick approval process and you’re listed, customers can leave you reviews and link you to their Garden Manager profiles.

Pro tip: Businesses with more reviews generate more clicks. So, notify your existing customers to leave you a review!


Once you are listed on Garden Savvy, you have the option to become a certified supplier. The $50 annual subscription allows you to be listed at the top of the related search along with a certification badge. Certified supplier profiles receive more clicks, conversions, and traffic to their business.


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Join our community! Create your own gardening professionals page today! The Gardening Professionals page allows you to reach your target market without having to jump through hoops. Our community is 100% gardening related content, so your posts will only be seen by gardeners who are interested in, well, gardening!

Affiliate Program

Garden Savvy has an affiliate program available for gardening/homesteading influencers of all levels! Our program is available for annual subscriptions to Hortisketch. You will be given a unique coupon code along with any marketing materials you may need. Please contact for more information.

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