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About Kester's Wild Game Food Nurseries

Kester's is dedicated to the improvement of all types of wildlife habitat.

The more food you can provide The more wildlife your land can hold and it Just mean's the more sport you will have on your land.

Whether your looking to attract deer, upland game birds, or ducks and geese we have many different products to help you reach your goals. We have been helping people for the last 90 years to improve wildlife habitat. From the backyard enthusiast to small game farms or land owners. To fish and hunt on your own land it what we at Kester's are all about.

The number of wild ducks or other game that can exist on any area is governed by the amount of food that grows there to support them. If you don't have an adequate food supply wild game will look elsewhere. As civilization crowds them from their natural habitat, it is necessary to propagate their food in other areas. The planting of natural foods for wildlife is an act of conservation, which helps preserve wildlife habitat for future generations.

Providing some cover is also essential. Wildlife need a place to hide when they feel threatened. Providing adequate food and cover will improve the wildlife in your area.

The Dept. of Interior, U.S. Corps of Eng., U.S. Fish & Wildlife, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and Waste Water Filtration Systems have used many of our wildlife products. We are there for all your wildlife needs.

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