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We believe it is of great importance that people connect to the lives of those who have come before. In the interest of keeping our ancestors' cultures alive we provide hand-crafted, high-quality products and tangible goods inspired by the lives of those people from Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian cultures.

Seeds of herbs, vegetables, grains, and more are just some of the simple, real goods that matter to you and your family we intend to provide. We believe that when you taste around the dinner table the vegetables you picked from the garden, when you cultivate the delicate flowers you see in the morning sun, and when you smell the fresh bread baked from your own flour, you will be happier in your accomplishment than had you merely bought those same goods.

To connect with the earth in the most fundamental way, working with it to produce life through cultivation of seeds, for example, is an experience that we believe cannot be bought, traded, stolen, or borrowed. To truly enjoy the wonders agriculture can bring you, you need only plant the seeds in your own life.

This our mission: bring value to people's lives through those same means that those of old did as well.

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