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P.O. Box 504, Cortland, NY 13045

(607) 241-7840

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We specialize in organic, heirloom and hybrid open pollinated flower, herb, sprouting and vegetable seed varieties. We also now offer custom labeling for resellers and retail.

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  • Certified Organic by WSDA and USDA
  • Certified Non GMO by WSDA and USDA


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mommatjcJuly.25, 2021

I wasted $27 on seeds from this company. When he stated he did not guarantee his seeds I should have then decided not to purchase. Only the squash seeds actually grew however did not produce a single piece of squash. The other 24 types of seeds, though planted twice, either did not grow correctly or did not grow at all. In saying that IF they grew seedlings that all looked exactly alike, grew long and leggy, then just died. None of these seeds yielded a single vegetable, herb or flower. This was very disappointing as of course as we purchased/planted the seeds to grow food. I advised the owner on three separate occasions including sending photos and he did nothing. Please do not waste your money on these seeds. Now it is too late to plant new seeds, too late to buy good plants, and as we depend on our planting for food we are at a loss due to this company. I still have so many seeds left as after planting them twice it made no since to plant them again. Too date he has still not refunded our money.



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