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About Bonita Creek Nursery

Bonita Creek Nursery is located in a peaceful riparian valley. The ten-acre ranch is bordered by the Sweetwater Regional Park, to the North, and an Open-space Preserve, to the South.
Our location is blessed with a natural spring and with being situated at the confluence of two creeks. The surrounding hills and unique topography combine to create varied micro-climates, best described as Sunset Zones 20-23. This wide range of climatic conditions allows us to cultivate an equally wide range of nursery stock.

The collection at Bonita Creek Nursery now contains over 500 varieties of plants, producing fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables. In an effort to enrich the diversity, we actively seek new varieties from a wide range of sources.
These sources could include a neighbor who has an promising volunteer seedling, a nursery wholesaler promoting new cultivars, or an importation from a foreign country with permits. In addition, we are very actively involved in the development of hybrids and new varieties.

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