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Keeping current with market trends has always been a priority with Veseys Seeds and early recognition of the potential within the internet has helped in company growth. Veseys Seeds was one of the first seed companies to have a presence on the web. As early as the spring of 1996, was an information site which provided interested gardeners with a wealth of gardening tips, climatic charts and general knowledge of gardening. On December 15th of 1998, this original site was replaced with the first half of a newly developed web site. Here, Veseys expanded the amount of information available and added such features as an electronic newsletter, an interactive gardening forum, photo postings of their customers results, employment opportunities, press release, history of the company and many more new and improved services. One month later on January 13th, Veseys completed the second half of their new site, which was the electronic catalogue. As of that date, visitors to can now browse through every category available in the various printed catalogues and order with confidence on line. Since going live with the online catalogue, sales have represented 32% of total sales with much of this business coming from brand new customers. As things are always changing and improving in the internet world, Veseys is constantly redeveloping its e-commerce gardening web site to better serve their electronic customers.

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jemMay.11, 2021

This is my second year ordering from Veseys. In Feb./21, I placed an order for some seeds and also for 3 Haskap Berry Bushes (all items were in stock at the time of my order). Unfortunately Veseys didn't mail the seeds until May, so it was too late in the season to plant them indoors - so a waste of money. Of the 3 Haskap Berry bushes that Veseys sent to me, all 3 had already broken dormancy (they had already started growing leaves). One (1) of the Haskap buses was actually in good condition (well developed stem), and it is doing well in my garden. The other 2 Haskap Berry bushes were so spindly, fragile and under-developed (the stems were half the diamater of a toothpick), that both of the bushes died - they were too underdeveloped and fragile to survive transplanting. So... another waste of money. I e-mailed Veseys to tell them about the condition of the bushes they sent. I received an automated acknowledgement from Veseys confirming that they had received my e-mail, but they never followed up .... no one from Veseys contacted me, so looks like I won't be receiving a refund. I won't be ordering from Veseys again.



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