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720 Gladiola St., Suite C, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

(435) 200-1190

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GrowMax Water™ USA came into being after our local organic gardening group realized that the tap water we were using on our gardens not only contained chlorine, but many other unacceptable contaminants. With a passion for growing the cleanest and healthiest fruits and vegetables, we quickly saw the importance of having a proper water filtration system, as the water we use on our gardens is crucial to achieving our organic food-quality goals.

After months of diligent research, we discovered, connected, and then partnered with the #1 garden water filtration company in Europe; GrowMax Water™. Now after over a year of detailed planning, product refinements, and testing, we have successfully created a simple and highly effective line of water filtration systems designed and engineered for the dedicated home gardener.

In today’s unpredictable times, growing your own fresh unpolluted food is critical to a family’s safety and security. We at GrowMax Water™ USA want to share with gardeners across America the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are using clean contaminant-free water on your garden.

We are here to support your green thumb, and your enthusiasm for getting the most from what you plant.

Happy Watering!

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