Beautiful Flowering Vines to Bring Beauty to your Yard

Make Your Yard Stand Out with Flowering Vines on Arbors, Trellises, Walls, Posts, Fences & More

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 11/29/21

Flowering vines are a beautiful addition to any garden, adding a pop of color to your garden design and a show-shopping center piece to your yard. Gardeners can get creative with flowering vines, letting them grow up and over arbors, trellises, walls, posts, fences, railings and any supported structure.

Flowering vines are often used by gardeners with little space because of their ability to grow up instead of sprawling out on the ground, but they can also be used as an accent to structures around the backyard, filling in areas with stunning flowers.

Any flowering vine or climbing plant you choose will bring eye-catching appeal to your yard but finding the right one for your specific gardening application and zone is the first step. After choosing the vine, maintenance is a key factor in the success of the flowering vine. Pruning is especially important, in addition to directing growth so they don’t get out of hand.

How to Use Flowering Vines

Flowering vines are extremely versatile. They provide romanticism to outdoor spaces, creating a welcoming entertaining space and impressive enhancement to your yard. One main factor in all flowering vine applications is they need a sturdy structure to grow on, but there are various ways to use them.

Some examples for using flowering vines are growing them up and around post lights and mailboxes, framing the garage door, up a balcony, adorning fences, on a wall as the backdrop to your garden or outdoor seating area, hiding unattractive utility poles or other unsightly structures, around columns in your entryway, in hanging baskets or roofing arbors.

Flowering Vine Maintenance

Most flowering vines need at least six hours of sunlight daily, with some varieties needing partial shade in the afternoon. They also need deep watering, but not too often or the flowers will die. Trimming them is imperative to the direction of their growth to fit your garden design.

Pruning is another essential step in flowering vine maintenance. They need to be pruned several times during a season to remove any part of the vine growing away from the support. Gardeners will see that once the flowering vine gets going, they will grow vigorously. Diligent maintenance will serve to fill in gaps, prevent overgrowth and redirect the vine’s growth.

Black Eyed Susan Flowering Vine

Black Eyed Susan flowering vines come in a variety of colors, although they most often come in yellow. Common color varieties also include white, orange and red. Black Eyed Susan are frequently seen in hanging baskets and can grow rapidly. Native to eastern Africa, this charming flowering vine needs full sunlight but requires some shade in hot, dry climates.

Honeysuckle Flowering Vine

Honeysuckles have a fragrant smell and can grow in almost any climate. They need full sunlight to thrive, but they can tolerate shade. They come in yellow, red, pink, orange and white shades with dark green leaves. Honeysuckles can attract beneficial pollinators like hummingbirds, because pollinators are attracted to the Honeysuckle’s fragrant smells and vibrant colors.

Bougainvillea Flowering Vine

Bougainvillea flowering vines can grow up to 30 feet can grow almost year-round in mild climates. Bougainvillea come in red, purple, different shades of pink, white and orange. They give a Mediterranean style to your garden design and grow rapidly with enough sunlight. They look beautiful as flowering vines but can also be used as shrubs.

Mandevilla Flowering Vines

Mandevillas are perennial plants that need a full six hours of sunlight, with some afternoon shade in hotter climates. They do well in humid climates and last from summer until the first frost of the winter. Mandevillas are tropical style flowers that come in colors like white, red, and pink. Mandevillas make ideal flowering vines because they don’t grow out of control.

Wisteria Flowering Vine

Wisterias are a romantic flower that produce a wonderful fragrance. Wisteria flowering vines grow quickly, and they often produce so many flowers that they can become heavy. Make sure to grow them on a supported structure that can handle the weight. Wisteria flowers come in beautiful blue and lilac colors.

Climbing Hydrangea Flowering Vine

Climbing Hydrangeas feature clusters of white flowers with vibrant green leaves and naturally cling to surfaces. This type of flowering vine is slower to grow, but once established it will grow full vines in abundance. Climbing Hydrangeas are heat-tolerant and like rich soil and partial shade. They add shade and a certain elegance to your outdoor space.

Sweet Pea Flowering Vine

Sweet Pea flowering vines are versatile in their color selection, coming in white, red, pink, blue and purple. Perfect for a pop of color, Sweet Peas are perfect for climbing up walls, fences or trellises and can grow up to ten feet. Sweet Peas are beautiful, delicate looking flowers that do best in spring and early summer.

Trumpet Flowering Vine

Trumpet Vines are aggressive climbers that need extra maintenance to contain their growth, with regular pruning required to keep them under control. Trumpet Vines come in colors like reds, oranges and yellows. They attract beneficial hummingbirds but not pesky garden pests.

Star Jasmine Flowering Vine

Star Jasmine flowering vines are star-shaped, fragrant and produce classic white flowers. Star Jasmine will grow best in full sunlight and will survive but grow slowly in partial or full shade. They need minimal maintenance and grow quickly, but they can be weedy so they require regular pruning.

Climbing Rose Flowering Vine

Climbing Roses have a sweet fragrance and bring classic beauty to your outdoor space. There are many varieties of climbing roses and different colors to choose from; yellow, white, red, pink and all the shades in between. Roses are a charming enhancement to your yard, reminiscent of an English cottage.


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